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Coping in Crisis

I was halfway into my five-year service as assistant district superintendent when I began to sink into depression. “Why am I in the ministry?” became the theme question of my spiritual downturn. I was in a substantial midlife crisis, wondering if the second half of my life should continue on the same track as the […]

Punching a Clock vs Making an Impact

During my first year of pastoring, I went into the office every day at 8 a.m., no matter how little was happening. We had a fairly youthful church, so nobody was dying, few were seriously ill, and often the whole day would go by with no phone calls except for my wife Jewel. Sometimes she […]

The Science of Jesus

During my junior year at Evangel College (now university), I began to experience a crisis of faith. I was troubled by the discrepancy between many of my fellow Christians’ spirituality and their character. They claimed to have deep spiritual experiences, but they weren’t growing in Christlikeness or producing the fruit of the Spirit, which is […]

The Theology of Sex

Christian leaders make three mistakes when it comes to human sexuality: We don’t talk about it; we don’t value it; we don’t model it. By not talking about sexuality, we let the world — rather than God’s Word — set the agenda for how we understand and practice our sexuality. By not valuing we let […]

4 Keys to Becoming a Turn-Around Church

It is often more difficult to revitalize a church than plant a new one — or as someone has put it, “It’s easier to birth a baby than raise the dead.” Because a task is difficult, however, does not mean we should abandon it. The Holy Spirit has infinite capacity to renew a church. We […]

Revving Up Your Health

Allow me to admit up front that I am not the best person to write on the subject of health, for several reasons: First, I am often out of shape and usually weigh more than I should. I find it tough to include sufficient exercise in my schedule. Second, I have been under the knife […]

Staff Your Way to Growth

Some people argue that volunteer staff can accomplish everything a paid staff can but without the cost. The truth is, though, if paid staff are worth their salt, they will produce more volunteers than you can produce without them. Paid staff is not meant to take ministry away from laypeople. With the right concept of […]