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God Sweats the Small Stuff

The devil’s not the only one into details. God sweats the small stuff too. But not like we do. While we stress over interruptions, cancellations, postponements and other “hiccups” in our day-to-day, those may be the very places God is at work.  At 23, I graduated from seminary and took a part-time summer job at […]

Serve Your Way to the Bottom

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft and I have been friends since we were 15. When he became Attorney General, I called him and said, “John, your dad would be so proud of you.” His dad was president of Evangel when I worked for him as campus pastor. He was a godly man. In response, John said to me, “Oh, George, Dad […]

Radical Church

I invited my friend Dary Northrop, Pastor of Timberline Church, to share with us during the 2013 Spiritual Emphasis Week at the AG National Offices. His message titled Radical Church  is so timely and important for believers today.  Since all of you could not attend I decided to share it with you here. Radical Church You can find out […]