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Kingdom Power and Authority

Immediately the girl stood up and walked around (she was twelve years old). At this they were completely astonished. He gave strict orders not to let anyone know about this, and told them to give her something to eat. Mark 5:42-43 Immediately is a word used over forty times in Mark. Sometimes it is used […]

Amazed at Jesus

The people were all so amazed that they asked each other, “What is this? A new teaching—and with authority! He even gives orders to the evil spirits and they obey him.” News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee. Mark 1:27–28 A few years ago, over 2,000 ministers and laity gathered in […]

The Authority of Jesus

“They went to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach. The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law.” Mark 1:21–22 I will never forget my first attempt to deliver a sermon in […]

Love God and Love People

I have told my son, who is a young pastor, “There are just two things you need to do: Love God and love people.” If you do these two things, you will not go too far astray. Many younger pastors immediately try to assert their authority because they feel insecure. They try to change things […]

A Divine Trust

From the time I was first selected to serve as general secretary of the Assemblies of God—one of America’s largest Protestant denominations—I made it a practice to write a letter to anyone elected as superintendent of one of our districts or president of an AG college. Each time, I shared a Greek fable that Aesop […]