The Importance of Articulating Your Vision

“How long until we get there?” is a meaningless question if you don’t know where you’re going. But it’s an exciting one to ask yourself periodically if you know where your vision is taking you. By measuring against the goal, you can gauge your progress, and moving forward will energize you and those you serve as the destination gets closer.

As general superintendent, I find the General Council is a much larger operation than any one person can keep in focus. I’ve never been a businessman myself, but I’ve been around many fine businessmen and had great businessmen on the board of Newport-Mesa when I was pastor. While the General Council is a ministry, it also requires solid business principles to operate effectively. And the Lord has blessed us with skilled, gifted, and godly people who have come alongside—some who have served the General Council for decades, and others who have recently joined the team.

I look to other people to help me be a better leader, especially to departmental leaders to carry out the specialized ministries of their areas. It all ties together with the value of long-range vision, to having a vision for what the visions of others can accomplish. The five core values of my long-range vision for the Assemblies of God are:

(1) Passionate Proclamation,
(2) Strategic Investment,
(3) Vigorous Church Planting and Revitalization,
(4) Skillful Resourcing,
(5) Fervent Prayer.

Even if you don’t accomplish everything you plan, having a vision will take you farther than not having one. A vision points you in the right direction and helps you marshal the resources to get there. Heading where God wants you to will assure good stewardship of what you use to get there.

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